cd (change directory) is a command used to switch directories/ folders from the terminal’s shell. You can press the tab button in order to auto complete the directory name.


$ cd [directory]


Examples of CD command in Linux/Unix

ChangeĀ  to home directory (determined by $HOME environment variable):

[[email protected]]# cd

Change to home directory:

[[email protected]]# cd ~

Show last working directory from where we moved from:

[[email protected]]# cd --

Change to root directory:

[[email protected]]# cd /

Change to parent directory:

[[email protected]]# cd ..

Move three directories up from where you are now:

[[email protected]]# cd ../ ../ ../

Change to subdirectory Documents and list all files:

[[email protected]]# cd Documents && ls -la

Change to subdirectory Documents/Projects:

[[email protected]]# cd Documents/Projects

If you wish to change to a directory with absolute path /home/user/Desktop:

[[email protected]]# cd /home/user/Desktop

Change to directory name with white space – Where Are My Images:

[[email protected]]# cd Where\ Are\ My\ Images


[[email protected]]# cd "Where Are My Images"

or you can try

[[email protected]]# cd 'Where Are My Images'

Change from current working directory to /usr/local/src without typing in full using TAB:

[[email protected]]# cd /u<TAB>/l<TAB>/s<TAB>